Why work with local partners?

We know that investing in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact. Our partners have the years of experience and local knowledge to deliver the best women sustainable projects… one community at a time.

What is your relationship with partners?

Without our partners around South Africa and their dedicated staff, Reenergize’s work would not be possible. Our project team communicates with our partners weekly to track progress and troubleshoot challenges that come up.

How do you choose partners?

Rather than build new programs from scratch, our mission is to identify programs “that work,” strengthen their impact, and expand their reach so that many more young people may benefit.

All of Reenergize program activity is clustered around four issue areas, which form the core thrust of Reenergize youth initiatives. These are: Education, Leadership and Engagement and Health Education and Awareness.

Our partners must have the same vision as ourselves, the skills and resources to deliver high quality, sustainable projects to communities.

What does Reenergize expect from partners?

Our partners share our vision of solving the women’s sub-servant crisis in our lifetime. They are dedicated to providing safe, shelter and supportive services for women and children who have been subject to domestic violence, abuse, sexual violence; and to effect the social, political and legal changes needed to eliminate oppression and abuse against women and children.

We expect our partners to work closely with local communities, governments, religious leaders, and suppliers to accomplish lasting change.