Reenergize Entertainment and Sport was established in July 2014 in South African by Gavin Kinnear who strongly believes in the need to support education for girls and the protection of women and children from abuse. The company dedicated to finding lasting solutions to systemic poverty and social injustice through the development of social enterprises – mission-driven businesses that increase the financial sustainability and social change impact of women and youth. Reenergize encourages employees to be champions in their own communities. Team Reenergize conducts community service and employee volunteer events in local communities.

Interest in sports leads to a desire to participate in it in some way. It is often the gateway to becoming an avid fan or player. Learning the basics, such as the rules of the game and of course, how to win, comes first, followed by practice. The continued participation in sports provides physical, mental, social and emotional benefits as well. In fact, an individual game can become a microcosm of life. Linking sports and life skill is a “natural.” First, life skills are similar to physical skills in the way they are learned, through demonstration and practice. Second, many of the skills learned in sport are transferable to other life domains. Third, sport is a pervasive activity throughout our society. Fourth, it is best to teach life skills in an environment where youth want to be. Sport is such an environment. In fact, it is a major influence in the development of identity and competence for adolescents.

Our goal is nothing less than to change the world for the common good. It is no secret that the list of seemingly insurmountable social, environmental and human concerns is growing far more quickly than the ability of traditional sectors to address them. We envision a world in which these vexing concerns are overcome, and we see social enterprise as, quite possibly, the single most hopeful vehicle for doing so.

Our mission is to produce massive social value via successful social enterprises and sports. At the core of everything we do is our understanding that the direct social impact we seek is delivered through women every day of every shape and size.